My name is Cai Ting

More About Me!

Five Random Facts

  • I ate the same chicken rice order every day for two years in primary school.
  • I hit my head against a toilet bowl once and had to be sent to the hospital.
  • I drink milo every day.
  • I know how to solve a Rubik's cube, but pretty slowly.
  • I attempted to incubate an egg I found in the fridge once and forgot about it almost immediately after I placed it in a "warm location". By the time I remembered a few months later, it smelt terrible.

List of Favourites

  • Yellow
  • Pokemon Go (?) I'm not too sure of this one because it could be only due to the popularity that I enjoy playing it this much
  • Cats
  • I started randomly obsessing over Garfield when I was 12. I'm okay now, but he's still awesome.
  • I like making stuff!
  • Coding is fun
  • Sleep


This is the part of my site with random things that make me happy.